S1E14: Detoxing Our Bodies

Zaiba and Uzma host Nour Zibdeh, MS, RDN, CLT as they discuss what moms miss on their tables and in their diets and why (we didn't have this problem during Ramadan as we shoveled in all the goodies!). In taking care of everyone else, we often miss what holds up the house--moms. We touch on the latest and greatest in autoimmunity, nutrition, not DIETING, and how to optimize our physical well-being. Don't come to lose weight; come to lose the baggage we bring about losing weight and inflammatory conditions that may be tripping us up. We provide some helpful tips on approaching your health responsibly and realistically, and we talk about personalized nutrition, like intermittent fasting, who can, who can't. Disclaimer: There is no medical advice being provided here so please make sure you're improving your health under the supervision of a physician and/or healthcare provider.

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