S1E23: Convening on ISNACON

The 56th annual ISNA Convention is upon us---that's right, over FIFTY years!--providing crucial family programming as well as opportunities for individual development of faith, business, and personal growth. This is THE PLACE to go every Labor Day weekend, especially for those of us wanting to instill the value of Muslim American identity in our kids. They need to feel like they belong, as do we, and where better than at the single largest convention of Muslims on the continent?

Don't forget to register and attend as spots are still open for certain limited engagements. Ahem, "Trevor Noah," and Uncle Bernie in the house!!!! There are loads of free opportunities at the convention as well, so don't miss out.

Contact us if you ever want to get in touch with our speakers or have a question we can pass on for you!

Zaiba HasanComment