Celebrate the Many Milestones of 2018!

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Wow, just when we were finally getting used to saying/writing 2018, it’s nearly gone! What an exciting and blessed year it has been for each and every one of us. (read more)

Each of us has hit milestones in mommying this year, from our kids developing deeper voices (sigh) to us not needing to wipe poopy bottoms anymore! From missing teeth to finishing the Quran, these are such exciting and fleeting moments that we don’t always take the time to celebrate. And, if you have more than one kid, can become harder to acknowledge the significance of all that is happening. As we are writing these accomplishments down here and sharing them with you, we are feeling the importance of each of every one of them even more!

Not all us mommys have time for this, but if you can, we strongly encourage you to take the time, whether that’s in prayer or a journaling session, to do a quick scan of all the major and minor milestones you and and your family hit this year. We understand fully that the days are LOOONG but the years are short. Just close your eyes and take it all in and smile. Leave a comment for us, and share at least one of those with us so we can celebrate with you! 

One major accomplishment we had in 2018 related specifically to our podcast is that our podcast project made it to the semi-finals of the Google Podcast Creation Project, which roughly translates to the top 5% of thousands of submissions! It is a rare case of “truly-to-be-honored”  in this exclusive grant contest.  Though we all decided to take a crack at this grant contest, weeks before Google emailed us, our podcast team had already decided we did not want to be tied down to a corporate mission and vision for our budding podcast.  What we truly desire is that the content to be determined by you, our audience.  

In the new year, bear with us as we cultivate and create relevant and resonating content.  We feel in our guts that 2019 will be an awe-inspiring year and we want you to be a part of our journey as we navigate the churning yet exhilarating waters of “Mommying While Muslim.”

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So, in an attempt to really make this wish a reality, we need just two things from you: 

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Until next time, Happy New Year from all of us to you!



Zaiba, Uzma, Rubina


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Zaiba Hasan