Looking into 2019...While Muslim

Having always hesitated to make promises I can’t keep, I find New Year’s resolutions amusing. Diets are not my thing, fads too short to follow, and fashion too forward for frumps like me. We change what we can throughout the year, not at the beginning, middle or end of it. Being a mom and a Muslim, change is part and parcel of my identity, and I venture to say, MY JOB as a human and a mother. I hope that my willingness to improve is based on the situations that require it rather than “the right time” to do it. After all, when is there a “good time” or even “time” to change something we don’t like? Do I have things about myself and my life that need changing/improving/overhaul? Indeed. But that is a dynamic state in which I remain as a fallible and evolving creation of a Most Constant, Most Everlasting Creator. I am always learning, changing, and growing, and I pray that that never changes.

Given that 2018 was a year rife with eye opening changes at home and worldwide, I do hope that 2019 brings about more opportunities to right wrongs, pursue new experiences in health and wellness with my kids and myself, and to push ourselves to go beyond comfort zones to places we wouldn’t go willingly. Luckily, I have a band of misfits that make me do that everyday. Four of them, to be exact. And their dad, my first partner in crime. New partners and experiences in uncharted ventures are always welcome in this fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants life.

Godspeed and FiamanAllah on your adventures this year, too.

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