Self-Love and Connecting with Yourself

As a busy CEO mom who wears many hats (and you don’t have to run your own company to have many hats) I find myself sometimes struggling to be present in my relationships. Whether it’s being present for my team members during Monday morning team meetings or evenings with my family at dinner time, there are times my cup is so close to empty that I find myself wanting to run away kicking and screaming into the Santa Fe forest alone. Being alone is actually just the medicine I needed, I discovered, in order to really show up for the people that rely on me and need me. Here are the top 3 ways I connect myself so that I can really show up and be fully present in all of the relationships in my life.

Hiking in Santa Fe National Forest - Aspens

Hiking in Santa Fe National Forest - Aspens

1.Myself in nature.

I am blessed to live just minutes away from hiking trails surrounded by the beauty of a national forest. I find that being out in nature, breathing the fresh air and taking in the awe inspiring scenes around me help my body and soul to recoup and reset. My mind and body enjoy that temporary change of scene. I know that sometimes nature is not as accessible but scenes of nature can be just as inspiring. So, taking yourself to anart gallery and just enjoying the beauty and taking deep belly breaths can have similar effects. So, temporary “breaks” to be alone in an awe inspiring change of scene minimizes the need to run away for good and become a hermit! At least for me. ;)


2.Myself in silence.

Meditation is an absolute necessity in my life. I work on meditating daily, but there are days when I just cannot get to it. When I’ve missed a day, I feel the difference in how I have moved throughout my day, how I show up for others and how I show up for myself...not fully. Silence helps me listen to my body and my internal guidance system. When I allow the noise of the day to overtake me, my internal guidance system gets muffled. I begin to feel un-grounded and impaired. So, I highly recommend taking 10-30 minutes a day in silence, to just sit and be with yourself. Let yourself feel and listen to your body and deal with what comes up in that designated time allotment. It’s incredible how your body gets used to dealing with major issues that may come up in a short amount of time. It has also served me incredibly when needing to make a major decision quickly. It has never failed me.


3.Myself in public.

I like to schedule time to go out and do something in public with no one else. These “dates” with myself make me discover more about myself and help me take care of my own needs so that I rely less on others to make me feel happy. These dates can include going to a cafe by myself with a book and a deliciously decadent latte, or a movie and popcorn at a theater, to my favorite restaurant and ordering all of my favorite foods AND dessert!! I don’t have to give my attention to anyone else and I can do whatever the heck it is I want to do, or eat, or watch and not have to consider anyone else. Because we are dealing with the demands and needs of the important people around us, I feel this to be an incredibly fulfilling ritual. Every quarter, or better, every month, plan a day to be with yourself and just go do all the things you want to do and treat yourself! Give all of your attention to yourself and don’t feel guilty.

When I allow myself the time, energy and space to love myself I show up more fully for the people that need me. Therefore, the return on investment is through the roof on this. There’s no arguing the benefits of a fulfilled happy woman...she is the one who then shows up as present wife, engaged mother, and focused boss.

What one thing OR MORE will you do this month to show yourself some love and connect with yourself? Please share below!

Zaiba Hasan