Ramadan Libs

We’re off to a terrific Ramadan alhamdulillah! The thoughtful breakfasts, sit down dinners with family every night, extra worship and mindfulness involved in our everyday routine to elevate them are so memorable, and we hate to see this time wrap up and anticipate the next Ramadan immediately. However, about every four days, per my calculation, we tend to have that physical crash when the sleep deprivation and caloric fluctuations catch up with us. This is when we might find ourselves digging our nails into our palms as a preschooler sings the same song 17 million times while Baby Girl demands to wear a ballgown to the masjid tonight, and the fasting older ones repeatedly ask, “What TIME is it? Is it TIME to eat yet?” There are ten clocks in the house, ya’ll. It’s also a time when we might naturally oversleep as our physical needs overtake our spiritual aspirations. Having recently experienced such a time in my favorite month of the year, I coined the following in an angry, exhausted stupor and wanted to share it, in the spirit of Mad Libs, which many of us remember from our youth (yes, PROUDLY dating myself).

I rolled over this morning to check my alarm and, oh, man, it’s so light 
outside  that I  know I’m in a boatload of trouble.The alarm read 5:30am and
I felt  _____________. My instinct was to __________________, but husband  
        (adjective)                             (verb)
dearest patted my elbow, Saying, “It’s okay. I woke up for suhoor. I drank my
water, don’t worry.” Even though my eyes felt _____________________, my fists 
______________________ and I wanted  to __________________________ him.
        (verb)                                     (verb) 
It was only an act of ________________ that  __________________ him because
                            (noun)                  (verb)  
I remembered in my _______________ to ___________________ my fury. I mean,
                        (noun)                (verb)
what does he know about waking up _________________ early in order to
                                    (noun, time)
prepare food for every fasting person in our home?in our home? If mom 
doesn’t wake up, the kids don’t get to ____________________. On top of   
that, why on earth did he not think to ____________________ me?!?!?!
“Oh, you were _________________________ so ________________________, I
                         (verb)                    (adverb)
felt ___________________ ___________________ you,” he answered reassuringly.
   (adjective)                 (verb)
Was my first thought that I married a(an) ___________________? Sure, but my 
second thought was, this would make a(an) _____________________ Mad Libs.
My third thought was, today’s fast is going to be _______________________,
but insha’Allah it will go ___________________. If I avoid all _______________,
                              (adverb)                              (noun)
then maybe I can _______________________ without _________________ anyone.
                    (verb)                            (verb)

Maybe it isn’t EXACTLY how Mad Libs worked, but it sure made me feel better. And he still lives, so it worked alhamdulillah. Ramadan on, Ramadan strong, ya’ll.

Zaiba Hasan