Making Time For Your Self

   Every summer I fall into the trap of thinking I will be more low key, less scheduled, and foot-loose and fancy free.  Yah, no.  I am literally in an empty office at my son’s coding class trying to bang this out after having made dinner, packed 3 basketball bags, and took a conference call on the way over here.  I am THE definition of an over-scheduled, crazy multitasking-tasking, mama.  My kids however are having the best summer, with a perfect mix of having somewhat productive and lazy fun summer days.  As a work at home mom of 4 kids (one of which is a teenager that doesn’t drive and yet always needing to be dropped somewhere), I can already see myself crashing and crashing hard.  In my quest to sneak in some “me-time” in a summer revolving around my kids, I came up with some practical ways to avoid the summer-time burnout.

  • Podcasts: Every Sunday I download my favorite podcasts, ahem Mommying While Muslim of course, and spend my drive listening to things that uplift me and/or I can learn from. With an average of 90 minutes-2 hours in the car per day, that’s a lot of “wasted” time that you can transform into “productive” time at the push of a play button.

  • Wake up Early: Though it may be tempting to sleep in on those summer mornings. I still wake up early and after prayer, I brew a cup of coffee and enjoy the unrushed quiet. A few times per week I make plans with a friend to walk and talk (more like vent) before the kiddies even wake up for the day. On days that I can sneak in some “quiet time” I find that I am more calm and ready to take on the rush of the day.

  • Volunteer: I know this sounds super self-righteous but nothing makes you appreciate your own crazy hectic life better than helping someone less fortunate than you. I also enjoy making it “mandatory” family time. Despite the initial grumbles (and trust me there are grumbles) we end up really enjoying our time together.

  • Hiding out: Shhh secret. Sometimes I hide in my closet with a good book and pretend like I am taking a shower. I am the main caregiver in my family, which means to them—I am on call at all times of the day/night. In an effort to maintain my sanity, I politely recede to my closet, sometimes with a bar of dark chocolate, and read in peace for 15-20 minutes.

I am not a fancy person.  I don’t go on spa days (though maybe one day I will—a girl can dream can’t she), or girl’s trips (I would miss my kids too much), and I truly do not have too much idle time in my day...but that doesn’t mean that I can’t sneak in some mental health moments.  No matter how small in the grander scheme of the day, we as moms should try and prioritize our own moments of happiness.  As that saying goes “happy wife, happy life”.

Until Next Time,


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