End of Summer


As the sun sets on another summer I am filled with the bittersweet melancholy that seems to follow me at the close of the season every year.  I am one of those dorky mamas that genuinely enjoy having all my kids under the same roof. Walking into the kitchen finding heads close together giggling over a joke or two rumpled hair boys rough-housing on the front lawn as I drink iced coffee while rocking in my chair on the front porch and most importantly NOT having to pack those dreading lunches 5/days a week for 4 extremely picky eaters.  As the new school year begins I like to remind myself that though the days seem long the years are extremely short.

Take the trip. Your teenagers may give you a hard time.  Your mind will race with all the things you need to get done.  The stress of getting to your destination will be at times overwhelming as you wrangle your brood with on-lookers gawking at your family circus.  Its OK. Once you reach your destination the memories you make will be worth the chaos that got you there.

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Family first.  Reconnecting with your extended family serves a variety of purposes.  It's a way to ground yourself in the here and now. Going back to your roots serves as a reminder of where you’ve been.  It allows your children to get a glimpse into your past selves and allows you to see what your future MAY be. Remember to cultivate those bonds always because your blood will have your back no matter what.

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Reconnect with your spouse.  In the mayhem that is your life: work, sports, homework, planning the logistics of your day seem to be the only thing you have time to talk about.  My husband and I were lucky enough to celebrate 20 years of marriage. We took a moment to evaluate how we imagined our life to be and how it ended up being.  Though we had our fair share of turbulence we feel blessed that what our life is now is better than our younger selves could have possibly imagined our life to have been.  (Alhumdullilah)

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Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Period.  The cliche saying that life is too short is really true.  I have three more summers with all of my kids under the same roof.  I will NOT focus on the cob-webs in the corners of storage room or my never-ending to-do list. I will instead try to capture as many memories as I can to hold onto for the future that inevitably awaits me. 

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