Sure, I was born in Chicago like my lovely co-host, but we’re not talking about one of our Chitown airports.

Did you know that Mommying While Muslim has been up for 6 months now?!?!?! What a crazy ride it’s been! If you’ve been listening from the beginning, you know we launched as a question from Zaiba to me: “Hey, what’s the statistic on Muslim kids being bullied in America?” And lo and behold, we birthed a podcast a year and a half later. Well, that’s a long time to prepare for recording conversations between friends. What gives?

Life. Kids. Zaiba and I are professional moms. We both run our own businesses, relay kids to and from school and multiple activities, attend all their events, volunteer in school, travel, slap on some lipstick in public and use a lot of dry shampoo in private for a million meetings, conferences, and coffees, volunteer in our communities and masajid, and manage to get dinner on the table in some way every single night. Just like every other Muslim American mom running hither and thither with hair or hijab just halfway decent. So that explains the year and a half gap between an idea and its fruition.

Since our podcast baby has launched, we continue to juggle our mom lives and record a show over 3 different time zones. East Coast, Mountain Time, and wherever else our guest speaker is from. Have we messed this up by forgetting to update a calendar, overslept because of time zone confusion, or had to reschedule because of kid’s cold, our sickness, or a guest mom surprise turn? Sure. It’s how all moms roll. We moms are as flexible as we are dyamic, and the magic of it is, we make it work somehow. Sometimes one of us is double booked, out of town or otherwise indisposed and that means there will only be one co-host recording that week. In her closet, hiding from the kids. Or there’s vacation and we have to plan for block recordings to make sure we have a bank of episodes ready to go. There’s the recording, editing, writing of the Shownotes, and the promotion of each episode involved during and after the process. All while full steam ahead of our regularly scheduled mom program.

When we planned this podcast for our greater Muslim mom tribe that we wanted to serve, we committed to a podcast every single week. That was our contract to YOU, with a promise to offer content we wish we’d had when our kids were younger, and content we all need regardless of where we are in our mothering journeys. And alhamdulillah, I think we’ve delivered. Not horn tooting, just feeling tremendously blessed with what we’ve been able to accomplish thus far, and we want to grow this baby we’ve come to love very much. We hope you love her enough to grow her, too. Yes, our podcast is a girl!

So on this, our midway marker, 6 months into the podcast, we have a BIG ASK. We know you’re listening, and we are so grateful for the cadre of Muslim moms who gets why this work is so important and keeps up every week. Our metrics tell us how many of you are out there tuning in or subscribing, and we would love to see that reflected in our ratings and reviews. If you’re trying to be nice by not offering an honest rating of 1-star, that’s not nice! That’s like not telling a sister she’s got a booger hanging out of her nose or zaatar in her teeth. Click on the star rating, even if it’s just 1-star, and then click on “Write a review.” Tell us: What was good about the episode? What was way off?

Our goal for the one year marker will be to have 100 listener reviews under our belt. Remember that you can review EACH episode. We are hungry to hear, “Meh, that one was so-so” and “That episode really resonated with me because.” Feedback lets us get better content out to you. The way podcasts work, the more ratings and reviews a show has, the higher it ranks on searches and becomes easier to find for some bleary eyed new mom or teary eyed old mom when she might need to hear a familiar train of thought. Keep us at the top of the charts by rolling out those ratings and reviews!

We have an FB business page as well as a group page where we would love to see ya’ll engaged and offering topics, crowdsourcing what you want to hear, or even suggestions for future shows. Mommying While Muslim is a resource created for YOU. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a hand in producing its content, too.

Remember: rate, review, and engage on social media. We’re waiting for you with much love and anticipation. Happy 6 month anniversary, Audience.

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